Monday, 13 November 2006

Nice Things are Nice yes??

We’re doing a series at church at the moment called Mythbusters. Going along the line of the TV show we are looking at some common ‘myths’ within the Church, and Christian life and either busting or proving them. Actually it seems most myths have been chosen to be busted.

I must admit I roll my eyes at some of the ‘series’ titles and stuff we come up with in our churches today, trying to look hip and cool (and relevant!!). I’d much rather just do a series on a book of the Bible and really delve into what a certain section of the Word is trying to teach us.

Anyhow… Last Sunday night’s message was great. The ‘myth’ was “Stuff = Happiness” and Ben preached very well.

Consumerism is something I’ve blogged on previously, because it is something I struggle with at times. We all say the main things in our lives are God and Family… but man, I wonder if we were really truly honest with ourselves, if we’d find that we really did long after those material things deep down.

We may act like and say we don’t want all that stuff, but really we do have a longing that we have to squash so we can give that impression. I look at a brand new Ferrari, and I’d say “I don’t need one of those to be happy”, but then I catch myself gazing at pictures on the web, or outside the local cafĂ©, or driving one on my Playstation and thinking, that is an amazing car, I’d be stoked if I could have one.
Does the dreaming cause problems? Sure stuff equals happiness is a myth, which Ben busted with a great in your face, and thought provoking way. But even though I won’t ever own that Ferrari, and if I ever had the money to buy one I’d probably still find ministry things to spend it on instead, does that desire that burns inside of me to experience the thrill of owning and driving one deviate me from my walk with God, or hinder my true happiness?

Does owning a fast car, big TV, nice house, huge boat or a theme park make you happy? Does dreaming about those things stop you from seeking something else that will make you truly happy?

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