Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Thank you Nokia Support

When I won my Nokia 3250 I was pretty impressed with the functionality and the 'coolness' of the whole twisting bottom. 3 different modes, Phone, Camera and Music player. I had one major misgiving about it though... how long would it last???

Well on Sunday night, just after I turned my light out and went to bed. My room was ablaze with the glow from my phone, thinking I must have a call I picked it up to see the number 3 continuously scrolling across the screen. I tried to stop it, but couldn’t – so I turned it restarted the phone, and couldn’t enter my pin because it always seemed to be all 3’s!!! Tired I turned it off and went to sleep.

The next day I left the phone off until I got to work, and when it started it was fine. However after 2 hours it started doing the same thing, and when the 3’s finally stopped scrolling, the keypad didn’t work anymore anyway. Frustrated I contacted Nokia to see how I could get the keypad fixed. I was told I’d need to take it too the Nokia Care centre in Brisbane and leave it there for the repair. Luckily I was able to grab an old dodgy Nokia 6110 from work to use and planned to take the phone in.

One thing bugged me – there was no visible problem with the keypad, and the continuing scrolling and the fact it worked once it had been off for a while; it didn’t seem to look hardware related. I did a bit of research myself and found the Nokia Software Updater. This little program finds any firmware (device drivers and hardware configuration files for electronic devices) updates and automatically installs them onto your device. So I downloaded the 3250 Updater and connected up my broken phone.

30 minutes later I had 60MBs of updates installed on the phone, the memory ‘flashed’ and A WORKING KEYPAD!!!

I contacted Nokia again today to inform the firmware upgrade had solved the issue, and was duly informed that there were no software problems with keypads and I still needed to send the phone to Nokia because I had not fixed it.

I think they may have missed the “Network Administrator” title in my email signature because I think only a technologically illiterate hack would have believed that if something was not working and now was, that it still wasn’t fixed.

So thanks for your help Nokia, maybe once you see a couple more software related keypad problems you will believe me.


Neo said...

I had a Nokia 6610i and i had issues with it left right and center not a big fan of Nokia's anymore

g said...

I like Nokias -their reliability has been good... I had a heap of problems with the 2 ericsson/sony-ericsson phones I've had.

However talking with some 'phone boffins' at Optus World the other day, it seems Nokia is dropping off the favourite lists.

Quality-wise it seems it goes Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia...

I was wary with the 3250, because of the twisting bottom. cool gimic, but would it lead to durability issues?

it seems it has.

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