Monday, 11 December 2006

I call FOUL!

Yesterday marked the Grand Final for the v8 Supercars this year. Craig Lowndes came into the round 7 points behind Championship leader (and Holden driver) Rick Kelly. After the first race on Saturday Lowndes had brought that gap to 3 points.

I didn't watch the races on TV, but was following on the net all day, and the second race was hotly contested with Lowndes closing those 3 points, making the final race starting with Rick and Craig on level championship points.

It all turned to crap on lap 3 of the final race with Rick clipping the back of Lowndes' car and spinning into Rick's brother Todd - and into the path of fellow Ford driver Will Davison. Rick Kelly inherited the race lead as Lowndes' car was left to struggle back to the pits and crawl around the track for the remainder of the race.

The AVESCO officials looked at the incident and issed Kelly a 'drive through penalty' for causing the 'racing incident', however with the damage to Craig's car Rick was still able to finish considerably higher than him and take the championship for Holden by 37 points.

Ford, Triple 8 Racing and Craig Lowndes have lodged a protest with CAMS which is being played out at the stewards board right now. However I don't see them changing the results of the championship.

I can't see Rick Kelly doing the 'dirty driving' he's been claimed to have, I think the knock he gave Lowndes was not intentional. It was most probably a nervousness and determination to pass Lowndes which caused a mistake, it's just a shame it means his Championship victory will always be looked apon as unfairly won.

The thing I thought was really foul from the whole weekend was the actions of some other Holden drivers. Mark Skaife in the first race, and Garth Tander in the second. Both used their cars to slow Lowndes down to give Rick a chance to catch up - I think that is dirty! Both drivers were shown an unsportsmanship flag, and eventually the marshals disqualified Tander for continuing to block. If either of these drivers had been fair, maybe Lowndes would not have been in the vulnerable position in race 3. Holden have not won the championship for 3 years and wanted it bad - however to play blocker and crasher is just so wrong I feel that the champion was more taken from Lowndes, than won by Kelly.

Let's wait and see what the stewards hearing decides.

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