Thursday, 7 December 2006

To Cairns and Back.

Where have you been today?

Me?? I've been to Cairns. I tell you what it's a long way for a one day trip. I flew up at 9:30am and got home about 9pm.

I went to install a new computer and IP phone into the Cairns RACQ branch, a relatively easy job, which was lucky because I didn't have too much time to do it.

Ended up being a nice day, sat next to a Karate expert on the flight up, heading to Tokoyo for more training then to Pakastan to start a new Karate business there. On the way home I chatted with a couple from Minnesota who were living in Australia and just returning to Brisbane from a round the country sight seeing trip.

Had lunch on the esplanade and saw a bit of the town centre.

Here are some photos I snapped out of the plane window on the way up, I thought they were pretty cool. I love flying, just because it gives me an awesome view of God's amazing creation.

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