Friday, 19 January 2007


Ahhh 2 weeks, it's been good, and something I think I really needed.

It's been 12 months since I've taken time off for a break, and it was only a week. All my other annual leave is used up either going on training stuff for Youth Leadership or running camps for WEC.

So not having any agendas has been great these past weeks. I went away down to Crescent Head the first week. My Aunty has a caravan which she parks right on the beach for 5 weeks. My mother, father and I were able to stay in it for a week. Crescent Head is on the coast straight out from Kempsy in NSW.

In past years I would have said you would be hard pressed to find a better beach or camping spot on the coast of Australia. However unfortunatly due to flood controls put in place on rivers further inland Killick Creek has all but dried up and so the lovely sandy deep flowing creek running to the beach is now a dirty smelly trickle of ankle deep water.

The thing I use to love about Creso was that you could step out of the caravan dive into the creek and float down to the beach... now you can hardly wet yourself in the creek.
The second thing was that red weed had drifted in and was virtually taking over the beach, with the red weed came the sea slugs which feed on it. So the beach was covered in weed and slugs which oozed red goo. In the end it wasn't a plesant sight (or smell!).

So I was on the beach for a week but didn't swim once.

However I did have a great time... why? Cause my cousins had travelled up from Sydney. So I spent time playing on the sand with the little cousins, we had a mini Christmas when we brought out some gifts... had fun on the play equipment (except when you Jackson decided to stand in front of a swing in full flight, he copped a nice little bruise due to that).

My birthday was the Wednesday, and so we travelled to South West Rocks and Trial Bay for the day - had a great wood fire pizza on the beach, and the coast there was just gorgeous.

All in all a good resting week away, and a chance for me to play with my new camera - thankfully as the week went on the beach was cleaned up a bit and I was able to get some good photos - there are more on my flickr account.

This week I've spent the time resting, catching up with some friends I haven't seen for ages, and watching a few old episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard!!!

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