Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Off with a Bang!

Ok so I have now experienced just why fireworks are illegal in Qld.

Our 2007 went off with a bang for sure, we'd been playing volleyball in the backyard of a mates place from about 5.30 till midnight (with a break for dinner and then dessert). Right on 12 we had some fireworks going off in the backyard.

There were many ooohs and ahhhhs until one of the rockets was knocked over and the little ball of fire shot under the veranda where we were all standing and went off amongst us. No one was hurt, but we were all ducking for cover, and there were a few scared people afterwards.

A novel way to bring in the new year for sure.

Then the first public holiday for the year was not spent relaxing, but moving my sister and brother-in-law into their new house. It's amazing how much stuff they've accumulated in their 6 month marrage and moving them from their little 1 bedroom apartment into their 3 bedroom Queenslander was no small feat. My muscles are a little tender today.

So Happy New Year, welcome to 2007, how did your's start off?

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