Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Sitting Around Waiting

We're not very patience are we!? I mean we may think we are, that we can put up with a lot, but when pointless waiting comes upon us, we don't usually handle it very well.

I'm sitting in the Ipswich branch at the moment. Since I live in Ipswich, I get most of the jobs in this branch, I just do them on my way in of a morning. This morning I'm swapping out one of the Travel Agency PCs. One of the other guys built the PC yesterday, but was unaware that there are a few extra functions this user completes that means they need some extra software.

So here I sit, on a slower branch network, waiting for a large install of Oracle to come down over the network and install here. Something that would take 5 minutes at the Head Office will take (has taken) at least 30 minutes here.

And I'm a little annoyed... not at Shane who couldn't have known this software was needed... not at the user (who should have told Shane the software was needed - but she's fairly new so probably didn't know better), but just at the fact I'm sitting here waiting.

I can be patience enough to listen to someone's problems, to put up with someone I know has a few issues and acts strange... but sit me at a desk watching a little status bar slowly creep from 0% to 100% and I go nuts!

It's funny how it's the simple things which we have to wait for that really bug us.

What is it for you? What really aggravates you and highlights your lack of patience?

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Anonymous said...

Those are the moments we can use to "check ourselves"

Have we been Christlike today, recite a Bible verse from Memory,
Sing a hymm. It has to be good for the soul and pleasing to the Lord.

It usually takes a lot of things at once to really aggravate me.

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