Sunday, 25 May 2008

A tad stiff and sore today...

I played my first game of soccer in 2 years yesterday. Almost 2 years ago to the day I torn the ligaments on my left ankle playing soccer for Whitehill (posts on it here, and here for those playing along at home!), it's been a real long recovery and I still don't think my ankle is as strong as it use to be.

The other issue I've had is that with the injury I've not been able to run or do too much, plus then after a while I just got lazy cause I hadn't been able to run for so long. The past few months I've been working really hard on my fitness and building the strength up in my right leg again - I've been jogging in my lunchtimes at work most days and trying to cycle a bit as well as the usual sit-ups ect... So physically I'm getting fit again so when someone mentioned that the Division 6 team for City North needed some fill in players yesterday I thought I'd give it a go.

Apart from loosing 9-2 I felt I played really well. I haven't even trained for soccer for those 2 years, but I found the old ball skills still remained and Div6 was a fairly slow paced game to come back into, so I found I had plenty of time to think about where I was kicking, and even try one or two passing and running through player moves.

I didn't pace myself too well at the start - I've been doing lots of jogging and long distance work, so to run out onto the soccer field and sprint for the first 5-10 minutes left me stuffed... Once I figured that out and paced it out a bit more I felt fine.

Overall I'm just stoked to have a game of soccer again, you don't realise how much you enjoy something until you're forced not to do it.

Legs are a bit tired and sore today though, but nothing too bad.

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