Friday, 29 October 2010

Jesus healing the paralysed man

I preached last Sunday on Mark 2:1-12; the story of the paralysed man who's mates dig a hole in the roof and lower him down to Jesus.  Jesus when seeing their faith forgives the sins of the disabled man and then heals him only after the teachers of the law question his authority.

It's a story that highlights our greatest need. This man was hoping to be heal, believed he would be heals and went to a pretty tremendous effort to get to Jesus to be healed.  But Jesus knew his greatest need wasn't fixed legs, but forgiveness.  And Jesus being God was the only person able to give that to him.

I used a personal testimony to illustrate throughout so if you'd like to hear the sermon go here to get the MP3 or listen online - City North Baptist Sermons: Dean Sandham - Our Greatest Need:Forgiveness.

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