Saturday, 2 October 2010

Not very Pastoral

There's a story on [here] about a boy who died in a car accident  a few months ago. During the autopsy his brain was removed and stored for later tests (unbeknown to his family). Just the other day students from his school were on a field trip to the mortuary and saw the jar with the brain and his name on a label.

Very disturbing for those students and the family who found out about it all later.  It's a terrible mistake yet this paragraph was the thing that disgusted me the most.

The Shipley family's priest told the family he didn't consider the son's burial proper without the remaining body part, so after the organ was returned, the Shipleys had to bury their son for the second time in three months, and "go through another anguishing funeral service," court papers said.

What kind of person puts a family through that again!  I mean really that's disturbing on a very deep level from that priest.

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