Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Malyon College Open Night

Have you ever wonder what Bible College might be like?  You may never have considered coming to Bible College, but you might just wonder about what goes on.  If so, then for both the serious college considerer and the casual take a looker Malyon is having an Open Night.

Come along and experience a portion of a lecture, have supper with the students, and spend some time with the principal who will answer any questions you might have.

Hey and I'll even be there :-p

Here are all the details.  More can be found here.
WHEN: Tuesday 19th October.

WHERE: Malyon College - 53 Prospect Rd Gaythorne

6.15 College lecture - join the evening class
7.00 Information about Malyon courses
8.00 Supper with evening class students
8.15 Interviews with faculty

-Find out about courses
-Get a taste for lectures
-Check out the campus and facilities
-Meet lecturers
-Chat with students
-Ask your questions
-Listen to what God is doing.

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