Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Guy Love... the way it should be

With all this talk these days of 'manning up' and 'sucking it up princess' there also seems to be other terminology like the 'man date' or 'bromance' coming into the fray when figuring out the 'essence' of manly interaction.

The TV show Scrubs always highlighted the genuine interaction between two best mates very well (although extenuating it to ridiculous levels for comedic purposes), but I think if a lot more of our men in churches related to each other guy Turk and J.D did we'd have a much closer nit, encouraging and accountable group of Christian Men in Australia today.

I was thinking bout all this today after watching "The Blanks'" (or Ted's band of peons from Scrubs) new official music video of the song "Guy Love" - it was written by one of the band members for the musical episode of Scrubs, but they have reworked it and don't quite a humerous music video.  Check it out.

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