Monday, 22 August 2011

Junior Rev Head

The Ipswich 300 at Willowbank last weekend gave me the opportunity to introduce my nearly 2 year old nephew to the world of motorsport.  Nathanael never really had a chance with Dad, Uncle Dean, Uncle Marty and Pa all long term rev heads - but with Vanessa and Mum taking young Reuben off to the markets for the day, it gave Andy an opportunity to bring Nathanael out for the final part of the Saturday race-day.

Sensory overload was abounding for the little tyke... fire trucks, police cars, big trucks and numerous racing cars were everywhere you looked (and for some reason Nathanael got really excited when he saw a Taxi...).  Disney and V8 Supercars have joined forces and created a life-size Mac the Truck from Cars 2 to host an activity zone for the kids at race meetings.

It was probably geared for kids slightly older than Nae, but he had a good time looking at Lightning McQueen and Mater and a whole heap of other Cars merchandise.

We then found my seat at the entrance to the turn 6 hairpin and sat to watch the V8s.  It was all a little overwhelming to start with for the little guy, but as the race went on he got more and more into it (especially cheering the smoking and stricken HRT Commodore of Garth Tander - he may have been egged on by his uncle on that one though).  By the end of Race 1 Nae was totally into it - and wanting 'more racing' when all the cars left the track.  He enjoyed the siren on the Safety Car, but was even more excited when the V8s came back.

Apparently the whole experience left him completely hyped up for more racing cars when he got home to Mum.   I'm sure he'll have plenty of more chances in the future!!

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