Thursday, 4 August 2011

Those Special Places

As I said in an earlier post, I was on Tamborine Mt for my church family camp last weekend.  Tamborine Mt was also the site for the numerous WEC camps (Highschooler's, young adult's, easter and leader's) that sculpted my Christian walk in my late teens and early adulthood.  However the church camp last weekend was in a totally different campsite (considering the old WEC site has been demolished it is impossible to go there anymore anyway) and in a way it didn't feel like Tamborine Mt use to.

That is until after the camp ended and I scooted up to The Beacon for a quick look before heading home.   Many a late night was spent at the Beacon on WEC Camps, singing songs, talking, praying or just sitting and overlooking the valleys below.   I immediately felt a sense of awe and wonder when I got out of my car on Sunday afternoon.  A flood of memories came back, the most potent being those of amazing moments of God experienced in that very spot.  I remembered songs we'd sung together and felt the Holy Spirit move within us, I remembered conversations I'd had with other young adults regarding our lives and the Gospel, and I remembered the numerous times I'd come here alone, early in the morning, to pray and do my devotions.

There were other people on the Beacon that day, but I sat in silence, totally lost in the memories of the place, tears on my face as I remembered, and totally oblivious to whatever else was going on around me.  In a very real sense it is Holy Ground, as I have met with Jesus there - and simply being there again brought me back into his presence in a very real way.

The view from The Beacon (Tamborine Mt Qld)

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