Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Shhhh time

Something that has become quite an integral part of TeenStreet is Shhhh time. After the main meeting each morning there is half an hour where no one talks to each other. There is no noise at all as everyone - campers, leaders and service team - all find a place on their own, sit, and reflect on what God has been saying to them.

Leslie Dam is secluded enough that for this entire time all you hear is the sounds of nature. It is amazing 200 people can be so silent. It is a testiment to the power and intimacy of God that he can interact with each of us so individually and personally.

Wherever you are today, maybe you need some Shhh time. Don't plan anything... or take a devotional book... just sit in quiet and ask God to speak to you. He may give you a passage to read or just want to you take the time resting in him.

Learn from the 200 people on this camp... God speaks to each of us.

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