Friday, 17 August 2012

Finding the Truth Yourself.

I love this clip of Francis Chan telling on an encounter he had with some Jehovah Witnesses. It really highlights a) how well Francis knows his Bible and how much better I need to; b) how expected he is that God works in his life and how excited he is to share it with anyone; but mainly how important it is to know and understand the Bible for ourselves.

As a Pastor I'm finding that people just seem to nod their heads at what I'm saying during a sermon or Bible study, they just accept what I'm talking about - usually I think out of a general notion of good manners, knowing they need to know the Bible so just sitting and listening to what someone employed to tell hem what they need to know.  At times I am sure people listen and agree out of a respect they have for my studies and the relationship I've developed with them as a pastor.  Even so - I still wish that instead of sitting and nodding, they would be reading and studying themselves. Discovering the truths themselves and having them confirmed, challenged and encouraged when they come to hear a sermon of study.

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