Saturday, 11 August 2012

Supporting the work of School Chappies

Good article on The Age website.

Atricle: Put ideology to one side for a moment and look at the work chaplains do

It gives a good insight into the work of School Chaplains, a bit of a breakdown to the role as opposed to School Counselors. It also removes some of the religious overtones and practically looks at their work - yet not denying the impact the 'religious' community has.
Whatever its claim to rational truth, it is an empirical truth that secular atheism just doesn't produce a larger quantity of community generosity than religion. I am not saying that atheists don't generously give to the lives of others: many manifestly do, and many better than religious folk. But as a cause celebre, secular atheism just doesn't seem to have the ideological muscle to produce 2700 bright-eyed serving volunteers overnight: religion does.  
I found it an insightful and interesting read.

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