Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How can we be too busy for God...

...when God meets us where we are?

This idea really struck me this morning while I was using a rowing machine at the gym (note the self indulgent little promo that yes, I went to the gym this morning :-p). I was working away on this machine with my iPod playing music into my ears.  A song came on which had amazingly relevant and worshipful words and I found myself interacting with God, even while I did my workout.  I wasn't planning on that, but God came and met me.  I just had to be aware of it enough to respond.

I don't know how many times I've heard people say that they're too busy for a devotion time, or to read the Bible.  It always annoys me because I see reading God's Word as the priority - cut other things (even work or study) before you cut that.  But this morning just highlighted to me how musicians have composed the Word of God into music, and I was able to have a quiet time while rowing at 33 strokes a minute.  It may be in the car, or even on the job site - but I don't think we really have any excuse to say we haven't spent some time with God today.  Because God has been trying to spend that time with us all day (it doesn't have to be music, God uses so many different ways to get out attention), we may just not have been in tune enough to be aware of it

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