Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Using Technology for Ministry and Mission

I just watched a live stream of the Passion 2013 Link Night.  There was praise music, prayer, Louie Giglio preached and there was even a Skype chat between him and another preacher.  All this took place in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.  Yet I could sit and be involved while I wrote my Bible study for tonight's group in my office in Deception Bay.

Technology is incredible! Let's not take it for granted!  Even these studies we are going through with the dBay youth and young adults rely heavily on technology.  We watch DVD segments each week, there are videos on youtube to watch for each chapter, and even in writing the book Francis Chan directs you to webpages and videos.

I think I'm being slightly overwhelmed at how good some people use technology in their ministries. Are we a bit afraid to in our day-to-day local ministries? I sometimes wonder if we are.  We may not have the resources 268Generation or Francis Chan have, but I'm beginning to have a think about how we could possibly use it better, even here in dBay.

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