Monday, 24 September 2012

Kid's Ministry is Important.

Recently I was asked to provide the number of people who are under 18, not connected with our church, yet would come in contact with one of our ministries each week. Amidst the business of the week I quickly tallied up the numbers in each of our groups and replied back ‘approximately 200’. Then I stopped and looked at that number… 200!... that couldn’t possibly be right, it appeared way too high.

So I revisited my tally; thought about each group; and realised that yes, 200 is a valid idea of how many people under 18 come in contact with our church each week. The biggest contributor to this is R.E in D’Bay State School, with 4-6 classes of 25-30 students each week. Then we can add in KidsHope, youth group, boy’s club, kid’s club and kid’s time who all have a number of ‘youth’ who aren’t already connected to our church and suddenly a number like 200 is a reality. It really opened my eyes to what a huge target area of ministry we have in evangelism when it comes to children and teenagers. However all these ministries are struggling to get the help and leadership they need to run effectively.

It amazes me the connection we have with young people in our community, even though it doesn't appear to be a main focus in the way we do things.  Most people in the church would not be involved in children's or youth ministry, yet our impact is still great.  But I wonder if it is sustainable without more help.  With no leaders next year some of those ministries will have to either change or close down entirely.  I'm praying for more to step up - since it's apparent God has been working with the young people in Deception Bay.

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