Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Personal Update

Just thought I'd mention that a week or so ago I completed the process to become a registered pastor as part of the Baptist Union of Queensland.  After a fairly long process of writing out my doctrine of faith, having a full psychological assessment (of which I was found to be abnormally well balanced I'd like to add...) and many other things, it all accumulated in what has been dubbed the "7 deadly doors".  One Friday all those who were at the final stage of registration went through interview day; 7 interviews over about 4 hours on all different aspects of ministry and personal spiritual lifestyle.  At the end of those 7 interviews we were told if we had been accepted by the registration reviewers.

I'm happy to say I was, and found the entire experience quite affirming.  I couldn't deny God's call on my life, so felt that the whole process must affirm that (who are the Baptists to tell God what to do eh?), yet to actually go through and find that was just one more level of seeing the call God has placed on my life.

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Rodney Olsen said...

Great news. :)

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