Saturday, 3 November 2012

Planned events...

Why do we need 'planned events' to be seen as doing ministry?  Last night our plans for youth group were to simply go and hang at the Settlement Cove Lagoon down at Redcliffe. Parents were invited as well so we were a slightly larger group, but all I had planned was to turn up there and let people do what they wanted.  I think it worked well. I didn't feel the need to organise games, or have a set structure for how things go.  The whole idea was just to let fellowship happen naturally.  It did, and I thought it was good, yet it's funny how people expect you to have specific plans for how the 'event' will run.

Initially I think both the youth and some of the parents felt a little uncomfortable when left to come up with what they'd do on their own.  Actually some of the parents kind of tried to lay down some structure, yet once we were able to move past that I think we had a good and comfortable time together - and it didn't feel forced.

I'm all up for doing more of that... I just hope people don't think I'm being slack for not planning huge 'events' - I just think fellowship happens better naturally.

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