Monday, 12 November 2012

What is the true impact of the church at the moment?

This is another Keith Green video I was going to use at the end of my sermon yesterday.  However God led me in a different direction, but I thought I might still share it here.

In so many cases the church in the West is just a hapless social club - if we're honest can we really say we are impacting and changing the local community around us?  I think every church may on a small scale - certain groups or ministries within a local church do a good job, but on the whole we could be having such a bigger impact.

This song "Asleep in the Light" has the most challenging lyrics of any song I think I've ever listened too. The truth about the church Keith Green saw around him (and in some cases it is still very true today) sinks to the core of who I am, and wanting to make sure that I am never like that.

It really has made me think, what is the true impact the church is having right at this time in Australia?

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