Friday, 6 September 2013

Cutting what we give, not what we keep.

It's a sad reflection on the heart and selfish nature of our nation that when cuts need to be made to stop our national deficit we cut the money we give to those who have nothing.  We keep such a huge portion of Australia's GPA for our own use, and give away a minute amount - but one of the biggest cuts the Liberal party has put forward in their costing for their term if elected comes from that already small amount we give away.

Some people wonder why we should give any of our GPA away to people outside Australia, but I just think that's being generous, caring and a good steward of wealth. No one can argue we do it bad here in Australia, you can't argue that when you compare our lifestyle to those we have been previously giving this money too.  Yes I know there are issues of corruptness with how some of the money is used, but that is a call to make sure we help the people who need it... not to simply stop giving.

As an Australian I am concerned for those in the rest of the world who live in poverty. I give lots of my personal money away to those people, but I feel our nation is not using its wealth in a generous and caring way.

If you feel the same then follow this link to the Baptist World Aid's website and sign a letter being sent to our probably new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

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