Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Malyon Leadership Article - Gospel-Centred Leadership

Just about every movement, personality and church has embraced this as a description of their ministry. However, the problem of uncritically embracing the latest buzz-word is that often we re-badge everything but just keep doing what we were always doing… all that changes is the buzz-word. So we move from purpose driven… to missional… to gospel-centred… without really changing anything. I guess my goal in this article is to investigate one question: What difference should being truly gospel-centred make to our leadership
This post on the Malyon Leadership Blog, written by Joe Khan, really tackles the idea of actually modelling your life/ministry/leadership around the Gospel, and not just labeling yourself to keep up with the trend.

I have used the term 'Gospel-centred' a lot and I hope that the way I do things reflects that I actually believe my life needs to be 100% Gospel centred.

Go have a look, feel the challenge and take on God's purpose for the Gospel!

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