Thursday, 12 September 2013

Walk Humbly

"You desire big things, but they come in little steps. Walk humbly before Him and you will see his plans unfold"   

Someone wrote me a little note quite a few years back which included that little bit of a quote.  Last night I was praying and (if I am honest) having a time of question God with where I am at.  I finished and looked down and somehow this letter had fallen out of my Bible and was sitting right in front of me.  It was an instant answer to prayer.

I am drawn once again to that idea of walking humbly before Him... I'm not sure how well I've done that recently, but I understand my own attitude is my biggest hindrance most of the time, and possibly has stopped me from getting some of the things I desire in my life.

Giving up again and handing back to God - wish I didn't keep grasping back at control.

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