Monday, 30 December 2013

Truth is truth

"I the LORD do not change." –God. When we disagree with God, one side is gonna have to change their mind…and it's not going to be God.

I enjoy following Mark Driscoll on Twitter... sometimes his rants are just funny, but then there are these ones that just make you stop and think.  One of the things I see most as a pastor these days is people who just out and out disagree with what the Bible says and don't seem to comprehend why they can't just have their own version of Christianity that suits them.

Truth is truth... no matter what a post-modern world thinks.  Either you say God is truth or you don't.  If you don't then you're not following a Christian faith.  In some ways I'd rather people own that and walk away saying they don't believe the truth... than try and warp and infect Christian faith with selfish, human or social thoughts and beliefs.

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