Thursday, 1 March 2007

Help me win free lunch for a year.

We're getting a new coffee shop here at RACQ Eight Mile Plains. And the Marketing department are running a competition. Name the new RACQ staff coffee shop and win your lunch free for a whole year!

So in my total incapacity to come up with anything creative I turn my destiny of free lunch over to you, my faithful blog readers. Send me your ideas so I can blitz this comp!!!


Mark Edwards said...

based around the racq ads,

"The No Risk Lunchbar"

"Can't be without Lunchbar"

"The Lunch Ahead"

pretty lame, but if you win, I am coming over there for a free lunch, and then going to try a coffee at that coffee shop you talk about :)

Kayelene said...

Q uality
C offee
A nd
R eststop????

(RACQ backwards)

Kinda sad, I guess. :s

oooh this one is better ....

"Cafe MotaRevin"

ok I leavin now.

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