Friday, 2 March 2007

Month in Review - February

Wow some big things happening in Feb07!!

If claims from The Gambia are to be believed then the AIDs problem is over, we have a cure! Well that's what Gambian President Yaya Jammeh has said, but he can only cure AIDs on Thursdays, so that may be a slight drawback....

Also on my blog this month I've had a whole heap of stuff going through my head that I've whacked up here, from thinking about the pain Jesus went through on the cross to the impact of an amazing muso (Keith Green) on our lives today.

Plus we can't forget that the V8 Supercar season starts this weekend in Adelaide, and all the news coming from team swaps and sponsor swaps, I'm getting really excited about the 07 season!

Personally I've had a really busy month. We moved offices at work, and then back again after our area had been refitted, I've done a couple of regional trips to Bundaberg and Hervey Bay and we're finally completing a project which involves changing the computers in all 150 of our Roadside Assistant Patrol Trucks.

At home I've had to get use to living with my brother again, since he moved home - which subsequently led to my first tangle with Windows Vista when he bought a new laptop.

I've met some cousins from Canada who were visiting my Grandparents, and took them for a night river cruise on Brisbane's City Cat ferries.

But I think the most significant thing is finding that amazing coffee shop, Cafe Modena, in Brisbane. I have a Microsoft seminar in the city next Friday, and so I plan to visit the cafe again (and again and again) during the day.

Check out this link for all my posts from Feb is you missed any...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah nothing better than finding an AWESOME new cafe! Love it!

Will have to check out this Cafe Moderna you speak of :)


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