Wednesday, 28 March 2007

When will it all end?

Do you find yourself just wishing that today will be the day Jesus comes back?

I know we're always to be ready and looking forward to His return, but sometimes I find myself thinking "I've had enough, Jesus come back now!!!"

One day I just want to be driving down the Ipswich Motorway when suddenly trumpets overpower the music from my stereo… all the cars stop as all eyes turn to the sky where clouds are rolling back, and the source of the trumpets is seen. A tear appears in the sky and a light brighter than the Sun baths the earth in a warm shadowless glow.

Suddenly the sky fills with Angels, lining the horizon as far as the eye can see. While they sing praise, and play trumpets a rider on a white horse appears from within the bright light.

Everyone on the motorway falls to their knees, and wether it’s in an exclamation of pure worship or a statement of realisation every single person, man woman and child proclaims that Jesus Christ is Lord.

What a day that will be. Even when things are all good, and my life is going great guns, that picture of Jesus’ return excites me so much!

Maybe I just long for it more when things are going a bit tougher.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus come back soon!

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