Monday, 28 May 2007

5 - 4

Looking good again – the Bombers are back to more wins than loses in their for-and-against!

The last 2 weeks have produced 2 great wins for the Dons! The Brisbane thrashing was precious! And last Saturday’s Richmond game was a close but good win. It was good to see Essendon not drop their game under pressure, for them to keep the intensity up and come back with the last 4 goals of the 4th quarter to win shows a team that’s developing confidence!

For a man supposedly playing his final season James Hird is having a corker! Best on ground the last 2 weeks and playing some of the classiest football I’ve seen in a while. I love Hirdy, think he’s an absolute champion – wonders if the Bombers look like they could make a run at the premiership next year if he’ll actually hang up the boots at the end of 07?

Loving some of the photography up on Essendon FC


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I got rather fond of footy during my short time in Australia.

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