Monday, 14 May 2007

Manly Worship

So yeah, went to City North last night. Now I'm usually one to say that we put too much emphasis on music as worship these days, but I also know that musical praise and worship is a biblical principle and something God enjoys - it's just not the only aspect of worship or the most important...

I love to sing, and I feel I'm a good singer. Well last night I had the most amazing praise time, because of where I was sitting.

I sat in the second row with two other guys, so right in front of us were the singers on stage, but it was the little group of guys around me that emphasised my worship experience. Standing between two guys, and having another guy right behind me created an atmosphere I haven't experienced in a while. All 4 of us could sing, and I think all 4 of us were listening too each other because there were 4 distinct parts happening. I think I got the best deal being right in the middle.

Something about 4 guys whole-heartedly and unashamedly singing praise to their God really touched me. I got a real sense of ‘corporate worship’ as through listening to the other guys I was able to not just sing, but sing as a part of a group and together we were praising God.

It’s something you don’t experience everyday, and I felt it was a real special time, especially between a group of young men - when it’s so easy for men just to hold in their emotions and feeling and hide behind a tough looking exterior.

So thanks to Johnny, Matt and Dave for helping worship God so deeply. And Johnny beat me to it when as the sermon started he leant over and said “I like singing next to you”

All I could do was smile and say “Same to you”… Looks like I wasn’t the only one to realise the joy of corporate worship.

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