Monday, 28 May 2007

Building on a hobby

I've mentioned on here that I am growing in my enjoyment of photography. I just thought I'd share some of the recent 'shots' I've taken around the place.

These are a little old, so if you've looked at my flickr account you may already know them, I'll be putting some new ones up soon - so my post some of them here too.

I've found flowers (even simple 'weedy' ones) make for some impressive shots

A road I know well up on Tamborine Mt - a simple early morning shot

An old abandoned camp sit on Tamborine Mt.

My aunty's back fence.

Cresent Head NSW, the bridge is the landmark of the site, I like this shot because it just seems to have some sort of 'arty' feel about it.


Sime™ said...

WOW!... (sorry, me again!) i've jumped off that little walkway bridge.. or at least, one just near it...(when I was younger!)


Jarrol said...

u wouldn't want to now, the creek has all but dried up :-P

Trent said...

hey man...i like the flower shot in your blog. thats my fav out of those shots. will be good to see the new ones! hope to see you soon!

nate said...

nice shots man. some of those were taken the weekend we were up in the hill right? that path looks kinda familiar. awesome close up on the flower too. i love how having a camera in hand makes you think twice about things we can just walk right past.

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