Thursday, 17 May 2007

Our PM is the Criminal?

An article on (here) today is saying that the Zimbabwe government is labelling Prime Minister John Howard a criminal with "Gestapo tendencies".

"The Australian people should really stand against John Howard's Gestapo tendencies and interference with other states. He wants to cause insecurity in our country and that we will not allow," Dr Ndlovu said on ABC radio today.

"He is the international Gestapo and a criminal ... he is worse than anybody else, his actions in banning the cricket is just one example of being the Gestapo," Dr Ndlovu said of Mr Howard.

Our PM had this to say on when banning the tour earlier this week.

“We don't do this lightly, but we are convinced that for the tour to go ahead there would be an enormous propaganda boost to the (President Robert) Mugabe regime.

"The Mugabe regime is behaving like the Gestapo towards its political opponents. The living standards in the country are probably the lowest of any in the world, you have an absolutely unbelievable rate of inflation.

"I have no doubt that if this tour goes ahead it will be an enormous boost to this grubby dictator."

(John Howard -,8659,21718816-23212,00.html)
Good call Mr Howard I say, and for the Zimbabwe government to turn around with a big “No I’m not You Are!!!!” really highlights (I think) the indwelling selfishness, corruptness and ‘un-care’ they have for their nation.

I’ve lived in Africa, in a country where the government cares more about itself than it does its people. In no way is The Gambia anywhere close to the state of Zimbabwe, but I have witnessed a nation with a self absorbed head of state. Obviously it’s the worst possible thing for a country, and so why do so many other nations turn a blind eye to the struggles of the people. If a nation’s government will not help the people, someone else HAS to!

Here at Whitehill Church of Christ we have a strong focus on Zimbabwe as a mission field, mainly due to the passion of a few members of the church who have been there numerous times. We now send a team yearly to Zimbabwe to encourage believers and help churches in any way they can. It’s only small, but if we can encourage the believers there it is a start to getting the country back on track.

Same with cancelling the Aussie Cricket tour, we can’t just keep accepting a government as it is. They are hurting their people so badly, we have to stand up and say no! Mr Howard has done that with cancelling the tour. The same thing happened with South Africa’s apatite – Mugabe is killing just as many if not more people today!

God gives leaders their positions, he told Moses that he’d put Pharaoh in power for a certain reason, even if he wasn’t honouring God. I struggle with this when I look at nations like Zimbabwe and The Gambia. My feelings are we should rid the nations of these dictators, in the case of Zimbabwe the entire government. My anger even goes as far as hoping one day soon Mr Mugabe will meet a bullet face to face. However I know God has a plan, and all we can do is continue working with what we can handle – in Whitehill’s case the Church of Christ churches in Zimbabwe.

My mind is tormented with this though – what would I do if I came face to face with Mugabe????

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Melinda said...

Wow, this is a pretty deep issue. It is horrendous to have to witness a government mistreating its people. And those of us who understand and value justice are enraged by the problem.

However, you are so right to draw the conclusion--that we must just continue to do what the Lord has called each one of us to do--no matter how large or small and despite the circumstances surrounding the "target" of our ministry.

Oftimes, we see the greatest outpouring of God's grace on His people who are enduring under fist of a harsh government. Still, we do not desire their mistreatment for the sake of grace and can hardly tolerate what we see. But you and I both know that God is surpreme and this Mr. Mugabe will someday have to stand before our Lord and Savior and account for his actions. Keep that in mind and pray for his salvation.

How great and fierce will be the wrath of our Lord on that day. I don't wish that on my worst enemy. Keep up the good fight, brother. It is good to wrestle with such things.

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