Monday, 30 July 2007

Coffee Time

Aside from Jesus.... if you could pick any person from the Bible to spend a couple of hours sitting having a coffee and a chat with.... who would it be and why???


Gareth Williams said...

He's an old guy who's still hungry and has lot's of passion. I want to find out what made him.

And I'd have a green tea with him.

SadlerClan said...

Timothy would be pretty cool towards the end of his life. Actually to sit and talk to any of the disciples would be awesome.

Deano said...

I think mine would be Peter... i think it's cause i can relate to the guy so much, he was right there with God but stuffed up so many times... yet in the end he became the rock of the Christian Church and when you read 1 and 2 Peter you find it hard to believe it's the same guy who stumbled his way by Jesus' side.

Plus he's the only guy other than God to walk on water... i wanna know what that was like!!!

As for what coffee... two manly men like Peter and I, we'd have to be sharing our thoughts over a double ristretto!!!!

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