Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Found a New Blog... thought this was great.

Linked from Steven Curtis Chapman's personal blog... I think this is one of the best 'created' blogs I've ever read... only a man with such lyrical skills could compile such a well worked blog post. I must admit I suffer a little from what he has to say, except I'm really bad at grammar so I never quite know what I'm doing.

I told you I can't blog (Steven Curtis Chapman)

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…oh, Hi! Well, here I am attempting to blog for a 2nd day, and doing so with fear and trembling. “What is this guys problem”, you may be saying to yourself. The problem here is that I suffer from good ole’ “perfectionism” and it’s 1st cousin, “fear of failure”. Now, I actually did pay attention in grammar class (one of the few) but it’s been too many years ago and I worry about little things like whether I should be using a comma or a semi-colon (oh man, is semi-colon supposed to be hyphenated…panic, panic), should I use “quotations” (which I know I use way too much) (and I use parenthesis too much as well) (I think) (maybe). And then (now, I vaguely remember some teacher saying to never begin a sentence with “And” and I just did…see parenthesis and quotations all in one sentence…and everything inside me is screaming, “potential grammatical violation! Pull up, pull up!”)…but as I was saying, And then, if my concerns about being a poor grammarian isn’t enough, I’m always hounded by the need to pontificate in a way that is deemed profound, profluent, propitiatory. Here we go again. I'm outta time and I haven't finished the thought. More later, unless I give up completely on blogging. :)

Thanks Rodney for the link to Steve's blog.

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