Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Gatorz Eyewear - I'm totally amazed!!!

I blogged last month about the day I broke my ‘unbreakable’ sunglasses (here). It seems that Gatorz Precision Tuned Eyewear can handle most things except an 86kg man standing on them.

I have to admit they did pretty well, the lenses didn’t break, the frame only bent slightly and the only thing which actually broke were the hinges connecting the main frame to the arms. I contacted Gatorz to see if they could be repaired, I was told there was a full cover $85 repair fee and most issues on their eyewear could be repaired.

I’ve been really happy with the lenses so decided $85 was OK to get them in working condition again. I sent them away weeks ago, and as soon as they arrived in Sydney I received a phone call to let me know that the damage may be too great but they would be passed to the technicians for a final look.

That was the last I heard for 3 weeks. I sent a couple of emails asking for an update but nothing was answered. I went on holidays last week thinking that if nothing came through while I was away I’d start making a fuss when I got back.

Well I returned to work on Monday to find a box sitting on my desk. I opened it up and on top of a heap of packing was this note.

“Hi Dean

Enclosed are a brand new pair of Gatorz. We will claim this as a warranty for you.

Someone stood on my sunglasses and broke them, and when they couldn’t be repaired for $85 Gatorz sent me a brand new pair! Talk about customer service! It’s not like it was a fault in the eyewear, or a build quality issue, someone stood on them!

Gatorz take great pride in the quality of their sunnies, and how can I do anything but sing the praises of their quality and service after this one… a second pair of $200 plus sunnies for free.

They might cost a bit – but I totally recommend Gatorz Precision Eyewear – they’re tough, they look great, and the company looks after you big time!!!

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