Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sad Day on Windy Hill

After 27 as coach of Essendon, today Kevin Sheedy was told his contract wouldn't be renewed at the end of the year.

It's a sad sad day when the AFL's longest serving coach is cut so blatantly.

He's the 4th coach this year, and the 3rd this week to be axed (but the only one finishing the season with his team). Do we expect too much from coaches these days, and as soon as there are some poor performances we don't give them a chance to work though but just go looking for a quick fix elsewhere.

Sheeds was at the end of his career, but the Bomber's will never look the same again - especially to me... Sheedy has been coaching Essendon since before I was born, and all my memories as a child of Dad talking about his beloved Bombers always had some tale of how awesome a coach Kevin Sheedy was. As I grew up and started following the Bombers myself (after a short stint as a Melbourne Demons fan) Sheeds was always the hero, the legend and the Essendon Bombers icon!

You'd think after 27 years a man could have been given the option to retire, and not have the whole media circus of being sacked.


Gareth Williams said...

Yeah, it's a tough gig footy. And the thing is he still wants to do it again.
He's an amazingly resilient man and I wonder what it is that sustains him.

Mark Edwards said...

Lots of red wine??

Amazing coach....promoter, positive influence on so many people. Congrats to Sheedy.

Btw, keep your grubby Essendon mits off Harvey, he's ours...:)

Deano said...

Dad made a good comment last night... Essendon should just throw as much money as is needed to score Bomber Thompson from Geelong.

Perfect fit.

Harvey will do too thanks... sure he's sick of that side of the country anyway...

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