Saturday, 28 August 2010

The 2000 Walk

I remember meeting my mate Carnsey almost 10 years ago when I went out to Stanthorpe to help with a youth camp.  Andrew was the school chaplain at the time and I was struck by his passion for ministry.  That hasn't changed at all these last 10 years as Carnsey spent some time on the OM (Operation Mobilisation) Ships and is now the OM Qld director.  Andrew is at City North and he's also been studying at Malyon which has given me a chance to get to know him and his passion for mission even better.

Andrew's passion has led to this latest endeavour, did you know that there are still 2000 languages that don't even have one verse of scripture?   When Andrew, and his mates Sav and Dave, realised this and also realised how few people even knew this was the case, they set about raising awareness.  In doing so they're going to walk 2000km, from Cairns to Stanthorpe and tell people along the way about these 2000 languages.

They're not specifically raising money, just awareness, and if people want to give money then that's good, but other's might want to pray for a specific people group or go themselves and work in Bible translation.  The fact is the more people who know, the sooner people will act and those 2000 languages will be reduced.

This is obviously a Queensland focused event, so I hope that people outside the state will read this, visit and become aware of the amount of people that have not got a single verse of Scripture in their language.

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