Thursday, 26 August 2010

Re-Launch of My Jarrol Spot

Well I have been quiet for way too long now and I have been meaning to get back into blogging.

After playing around with Blogger's new template tools I thought I should change it up a bit here and use it as motivation to blog a little more.

I hope those who were following and reading haven't deleted old links, because I'd really like to see some discussion and interaction again.  Also with the Facebook linking tool NetworkBlogs that will post this to my facebook page I hope friends will read and post on this blog as well.

I'm continuing at Bible College, and am feeling called into a full time pastoral ministry role, so I'm hoping I can use this blog to bounce ideas on assignments as well as theological stuff I'm learning to widen the intake of knowledge both practically and academically.

Keep a look out for more soon....


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