Friday, 27 August 2010

Being in Relationship...

No More Rejecting JesusOn Teen Street Camp this year we discussed things that built a wall which blocked us having a relationship with God. As we built the wall we wrote these things on boxes, physically building a wall at the front of the stage.

Then, on the last night of camp, we discussed the saving power of Christ and burnt these things which stand in the way of our relationship with God, cleansing us and allowing us to draw near again. It was a powerful analogy and I still find these photos powerful, Peer Pressureboth as a reminder of the night, and the idea of getting rid of these things that stand in our way.

What things are standing between you and your relationship with God?  Is it simply the fact you're rejecting Jesus? or is it peer-pressure, depression, bitterness, loneliness or laziness?

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hannah said...

Hey Deano!! That was an amazing night- I know I personaly made a step forward in removing some walls between my relationship with God! the burning is a very powerful picture...

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