Saturday, 30 April 2011

Anti-social Media

Warning - if you're hanging out with people and haven't invited others who are usually part of the group, it makes things look very very exclusive when you post events, photos, statuses and comments about it all on Facebook.

I think some of the things we post on Facebook can highlight the cliques we create and make some people feel more excluded than included in our lives.

And to add to it, some status updates when read by certain people in context can be funny, witty or clever - but to everyone else, or people in specific situation they are a bit offensive.   Last night I was feeling a bit sensitive, and some of the things I read - though seeming pointed at certain contexts - made me feel even worse about where I am in my life right at this moment.

Largely it was a reminder to myself to be careful what I post on Facebook.

P.S - I am very aware that this will also appear on Facebook.  Hopefully I was careful enough in what I said to keep things civil and would hope people would read it in kind.


rodneyolsen said...

You're so right. People think that Facebook will somehow magically only communicate to certain, intended recipients. Facebook is a 'broadcast' medium. If people want to communicate only to a select group they should stick with phones or perhaps email.

My pet hate with status updates are the 'fishing' comments, the intentionally vague ones that are designed to draw out questions or messages of sympathy. I'm sure you know what I mean. Stuff like, "I won't trust him again" or "I've had enough" or "Sometimes I don't know why I bother". These usually bring in responses such as "What's up hun?", giving the original user license to vent about stuff that really should remain private.

Kel said...

totally agree with all you are saying here about facebook
awhile back i decided to go facebook free, it's been an interesting way to find out who real friends are as opposed to 'facebook friends'

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