Saturday, 1 December 2012

Narrow Path

I'm just watching the V8 Supercar qualifying at Homebush on the road course in Sydney and what is really apparent to the need for the drivers to all stay on a very specific path as they navigate the circuit.  You see it had been raining just before the cars all went out so the track was wet.

All the drivers started on 'wet tires' (tires with a grooved tread to displace the water), but within a few laps the tires had done their job, moving the water to the side an a distinct dry line appeared.  The rest of the track was still wet but one narrow (barley a car width wide) path had dried out because of the cars all following the same path.

Drivers then came in and put their normal tires on, and when they headed back out it was very important for them to keep on that dry line.  Their slick tires couldn't handle any wet track and the slightest deviation from the best path round the circuit meant instant loss of traction, a slow lap time and for some a hard hit into a concrete wall.

28 cars on the track and only 1 line.  Only a few could get it right, it lead to a very mixed up top 10, some of the best drivers in Australia missed the line and were slow.

It got me thinking, we've all heard the Christian life called the narrow path - Jesus himself defined it as such.  And when we look at life as a whole maybe those the world sees as the 'best', the most professional, gifted and able don't actually find the narrow path.   For us as Christians we should be looking for others on the narrow path for guidance, and example - not just those who have earnt their fame away from the path.

Also just like the slightest deviation caused the V8 drivers this morning to wreck their lap times, so does any sin cause us drastic deviation from the narrow path.  Thankfully God's grace is sufficient  but we need to be aware of the exact path we need to follow when we're following Jesus.

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