Saturday, 22 December 2012

Our community is like a fruitcake...

Former WMAC students may well shudder when reading the title of this post. When I was at high school the fruitcake was the favourite analogy of our principal.  Time and time again we would hear that our school was like a fruitcake - I'm sure each new year level thought it was a good comparison but after 5 years, when we were in grade 12, we knew it by heart.

I think the main idea was that a fruitcake is made up of a whole multitude of different ingredients.  Even once joined together you can still see the individual ingredients (well most of them) but it is the unity which forms the cake.  I remember by grade 12 we had realised that there were lots of nuts in our high school cake (most of them teachers...) and we use to fight about who got to be the cherry on top.

But today as I made my own fruitcake - for Christmas - I was reminded of Mr Claridge's analogy and after so many years I can see how dBay Baptist is a bit like a fruitcake too (yes even with the nuts :-p)... but not only that the whole church is fruitcake like, because we all work and minister as individuals - people still see single Christians - but it is our unity that holds the Church together.  Even more so, God's love and grace, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the very heart of our fruitcake (or possibly that cherry on top for all to see).

Merry Christmas.

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