Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Inkeeper

Another Christmas video, but this is a must watch! John Piper wrote a poem about a fictional character, based on the Inkeeper from the Christmas Story.  This poem gives an idea of what it may have cost that man to let Mary and Joseph stay in the stable.  There's a part of the story in the Gospels that we can sometimes gloss over, and that is where Herod orders the murder of all the boys - how horrible that would have been.  And how much Jesus would have cared for those who had been hurt, just as he cares for all who hurt.
In the poem called The Innkeeper, I tried to imagine what might have happened when the soldiers came. And what Jesus might have said if he showed up 30 years later to talk to the innkeeper about it. It’s fiction. But its aim is truth and hope and joy.
~John Piper
It is a powerful poem.

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