Monday, 10 December 2012

Where is the focus, on the essence or the form?

I have been exposed to many 'forms' of worship over the years.  Not any one had quite felt a complete fit for me, but some have allowed me to express my true feelings more than others.  Now as a pastor I find myself overseeing parts of worship, usually with people who have completely different forms of doing it than I would.  It has been very challenging, and for me this quote of John Pipers has become increasingly true.

"Few of us have had or will have the luxury of escaping the 'worship wars'. The 'wars' are usually waged over forms and styles, not overt the essence of what worship is.  But leading your people into the essence is all-important. So I want to call you to put your focus and energies in the most fruitful place for the glory of God. Focus on the essence not the form."
~John Piper - Brothers We are not Professionals

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