Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Am I Worth what it Cost?

I stood on a nail on Saturday - We were raising the roof on our carport, and I just walked down to have a look bare footed, without realising Dad had begun to pull some of the nailed in clips out of the wood...

Man it hurt! It was a thin nail, and only about 12 millimeters went into my foot (1.2cm), but it took me down. I pulled it out, and simply could not walk on it. I had pain shooting up my leg, my whole foot throbbed and my soul had a sharp piercing pain right where the nail had punctured.

I sat and soaked it in Detol, and was feeling physically ill from the pain I was in. I'm fine now (3 days on) and my foot is only saw to touch right at the puncture wound. But for 2 days if I was bare foot I couldn't walk without limping on it.

Looking back now I see the pain I was in from such a small nail puncture wound, and it makes me wonder the sheer excrusiation that Jesus must have gone through to have thick nails pushed right through His wrists, and through both his feet. On top of that He was then raised vertical so his whole body weight rested on those wounds. On top of THAT He was hung in such a way that His lungs were expanded and to take a breath He had to pull himself up on thos nails to allow the air to enter his lungs.

And ON TOP OF THAT, His father, the One True God had to turn His face from His son because suddenly He was unholy, He had all of the sins of the world - even those people murdering him that day - placed on Him as judgement so that we could have a way to find favour in God's eye and live with him eternally.

That all seems to make my little nail in the foot incident so insignificant...

But is it so insignificant, because all that pain that Jesus went through was for me. Am I worth going through all that stuff for? I wonder if I am, but I do know that there is only one person who loves me that much. Jesus is amazing, unbelievably amazing.

Reminds me of a Keith Green song, one of my favourites.

Altar Call - Keith Green

Most people don't find out till it's too late, that someone has to pay the price.
You can pay it yourself (hah) or let someone else, but who would be that nice,
To pay a debt that isn't his, oh I know someone like that,
and he's your best friend, he really is, he really loves you.

Most people don't find out till their half dead, that they need another life.
You say you've heard everything that's ever been said
about The Way, The Truth, The Life.
You say you've heard lot of preaching all before, so many times,
but did you ever open up your door, give Him a chance to prove Himself?
Well He's real you know!

I hope you find out before it's too late, that there's really nobody else
You know it's breaking His heart, the longer you wait,
cause you've only been lying to yourself
Cause no one believes a thing you say - NOT EVEN YOU!
You know you're gonna find out that He's the way,
no matter which way you choose,
But I pray you find out by His love for you.

Some people won't find out till it's too late
Some people won't find out till it's too late

So yeah, everyone's gonna find out one day that Jesus is the only way, and it's because of everything He went through.

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