Thursday, 15 February 2007

Jammeh's AIDs Cure Condemned

As I suspected - every international news site which carries an article about The Gambian Presidents HIV/AIDs and Asthma sure is critical about the claim and the method of treatment.

But Mr Coovadia said it was tragic that The Gambia had a "political environment that allows a minister of health and a president to violate every foundation of science and public health."

"The entire exercise is circumscribed by secrecy - that's not how science works," he said.

It would be impossible to measure the negative impact of Mr Jammeh's claims, but it could lead to risky sexual behaviour, instead of following preventative advice, he aid.

The World Health Organisation told the BBC it did not wish to comment on the issue at this stage.

Other sources have said that patients of Pres. Yaya Jammeh have become physically ill, with immense abdominal pain and no viable independant proof that their HIV has been cured. One source even says some patients have entered comas and familys are worried the 'treatment' will kill their loved ones.

All through this Jammeh and his health minister are praising their efforts, but not allowing anyone to know exactly how they are treating their test subjects...

Gambian Health Minister Tamsir Mbow says the herbal medicines are taken orally
and applied to the body.

"We cannot actually tell you the type of herbs we are using presently, it will be known to the whole world later on," Dr Mbow told the BBC.

It's a shame that a country's leader can lead on his people in this way, making himself out to be a hero, yet everything points to the fact he is simply lieing to make himself look good.

A coup in 1994, and he's 'won' every election since then, I think we need to pray for the Gambian nation that the people will be fairly treated with their best interests thought of.

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