Thursday, 22 February 2007

Making it count...

I was driving into the city with our storeman Ashneil yesterday and saw this.

Nice brand new Lexus - but look at the number plate....

Ok so maybe this guy is an accountant with a quirky sense of humour, but it made me think, does a car make you feel like you're worth something? I mean do you think you're really important when you're successfull enough to drive a Lexus?

It's funny where people find their self-worth. It may be in a car, or in a job, or even in a relationship. All I know is that without Jesus I don't have much self worth at all. He is the basis for all I am, I can't help but hand it to him when things get tough, or even when I end up in the spotlight, without Jesus I'm not of much use, so why take the credit when things go right.

But I do passionatly desire my life to count. "I Count" seems like something I'd love to cry out at the end of my life, with a deep relief that I have really done something worth while. But I don't think that 'something' would be the ability to own a Lexus...

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