Monday, 12 February 2007

Discussion Time

Expressing yourself to God.

What ways do you find to express yourself to the Creator of the Universe?

I've been on a camp all weekend, and had some pretty big and deep thoughts crossing my mind. I think I'll be jotting a few more down on my blog.

One of the things we discussed and shared about was not just having a quiet time, but finding ways to creatively express yourself to God. Honestly I haven't done that in a long time, my quiet times have been really good, and consistent - and I play the drums as an expression of worship - but I use to write, and I haven't done that in a long time. However on Sunday morning I found a new way I can enjoy God in a creative expression.
I bought a Canon 300D from a friend at work about 2 months ago, and have been slowly learning a bit more about proper photography.

Sunday morning I took my trusty 300D and set out on a walk. It was 6am, and the sun was just starting to peek over the trees. I was on top of Mount Tamborine, right on the edge overlooking the Beaudesert country side. I took a few photos of the view... but it was God's creation that struck me most. As I walked, I prayed, and connected with God - praising him for the beauty he has surrounded us in, and it certainly was amazing beauty. I really think God was pointing out little amazing things to me, and I took some awe inspiring photos. I think I will post some of them up at some stage, but just at the moment I feel they are very personal.

I will share my favourite one with you though - a bee about to land on a flower - the amazing design of the flower just isn't enough, think about the perfection of how the bee (such a small creature) is able to fly with such precision, and how sweet honey is created from the pollen this bee will gather once it lands on the flower.

Praise God.

Now part of this post was to share my new discovery of enjoying God, but I also want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Comment me, tell me how you express yourself to God, how He expresses himself to you, or experiences you've had when just simply enjoying God.

Please.... I really want to hear of some other experiences!

P.S - I have now uploaded a couple of other shots from Sunday morning to my flickr account. I do feel that the resizing has lessened the impact of the photos though - oh well...

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